Fully automated meter reading

Frequent meter readings increase the potential value of your meter data. And the more often you read your meters, the more value you will also be able to realize in terms of optimizing your operations.

Aside from ensuring a fair and accurate billing, a network also enables you to optimize operations through near real time analysis of the water loss and pressure throughout the distribution system.

Establishing A Network

By installing one or more fixed data collection units in your supply area, you can read the meters and sensors automatically with data and information on info codes or alarms coming home in daily, hourly or 5 minute intervals depending on your needs.

A data collection unit consists of one or two antenna to pick up the signals from the meters. The antenna is connected to a concentrator that then transfers the data to READy Manager, which is an accompanying Meter Data Management program that keeps track of and stores your meter data for further use.

Installing data collection units and establishing a network is easy to do, but you can also choose to leave the work to us.


How It Works

It does not have to be hard to get started with remote reading. With a READy AMI remote reading system, you can say goodbye to manual readings, reporting via the internet and estimated calculations. Now you can personally read consumption data automatically, without disturbing consumers.

Keep Track Of Your Data

The handling of your meters and meter data takes place in READy Manager. You get easy access to your data as well as a broad range of tools that give you an overview of and help you utilize your meter data. Consumption data can be exported to your billing system or an email address as needed, either manually or via automated commands.

READy Manager has a simple user interface with a start screen and icon-based navigation that makes the program intuitive and easy to use. You can group your meters in READy Manager to get an overview of the consumption and other parameters in different parts of your distribution network. You can create groups based on geography or create groups of customers where you wish to follow the consumption closely.

Water Tower With AMI

Make The Most Of Your Data

The value of your smart meter data goes far beyond accurate billing. With the right tools, you can transform your meter data into actionable insights.

Take the next step and fully utilize your network with Kamstrup’s analytical tools for water utilities: Water Intelligence and Incidents. With these, you can effectively go from imagining “What if” to knowing “How to”.

Your meter data is automatically organized, visualized and analyzed to give you a total overview of your distribution network and to give you the knowledge needed to effectively target your efforts.

Aside from the time saved compared to reading your meters manually, remote reading help you eliminates misreading errors, time consuming follow ups and estimated calculations. You get easy and secure access to meter data across your distribution network. Remote meter reading increases the quality of your data and makes it easier to analyze as you can look at consumption and supply data from readings made at the same time. The increased reading frequency lets you evaluate the effects of your improvements and discover problems much sooner instead of just once a year!

And it does not have to be hard to get started with remote reading. We offer a variety of automated meter reading and smart metering systems – from handheld devices or drive-by solutions to fixed networks.

Remote Meter Reading
Installed 2" Kamstrup AMI Meter
AMI Antennas on a pole intall.

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